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Open Palm Collaborative Conflict Solutions

Open Palm Collaborative Conflict Solutions allows employers to help their employees who are experiencing not only internal employment disputes, but also those who are facing personal problems like divorce and other domestic issues. Companies benefit from helping employees who are struggling through marital breakups and similar highly emotional experiences. By intervening, employers are often able to prevent employees from “crashing out” of work and ending up on disability, or worse. OPCCS can help with this by making our divorce advice and information on how to divorce amicably readily accessible to people experiencing family breakup in the workplace – whether it is their own, or they are suffering the consequences of working with others who are dealing with divorce.

Why Is This Important?

Divorce separation and marital relationships have a huge impact on people in the corporate world, especially on their productivity and how they relate to others. It has a massive effect on their teams, because someone who is normally quite productive suddenly becomes completely useless. They’re so caught up in the emotional hurricane of their divorce that they become unavailable. Their teammates begin to take it personally. They start to think that the affected employee doesn’t like them, is lazy, or is upset with them. This has a domino effect on productivity because the culture of the team changes. This is especially true if these people are in management or leadership roles because they have a direct impact on everyone underneath them. When employees see their leader as moody, cranky, not so available, not able to help them as much as he used to, or exhibiting a change in personality, the entire team becomes less stable and productive, just because their leadership is in a personal crisis. Employers who are invested in helping their employees manage emotional trauma and relationship breakdown have employees who are more productive at work and who are better able to balance their work and home life. Being able to balance the traumas and emotions within your daily life and work can often make for much better productivity.

How Can OPCCS Help?

We offer training programs in the workplace on how to deal with family stress, breakdown, and relationships taught by actual collaborative professionals. We also offer prepaid insurance for collaborative services at a reduced rate for employees who so choose. Those employees will receive a free consultation with their collaborative team, and they will be charged only 75% of the normal fee for all professionals. Employees who opt for this employment perk will pay a one-time enrolment fee of just $10, and then $20 per month thereafter. OPCCS will provide quarterly lunchtime meetings to explain the program to employees. Enrolled employees may receive assistance with personal issues like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, collaborative divorce, employment disputes, and contract disputes. Enrolled employees may also receive assistance with workplace problems such as discrimination, workplace bullying, personality conflicts, competition conflicts, responsibility conflicts, performance review conflicts, leadership conflicts, and customer conflicts.